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Beef Brisket

Miller Family Homestead

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Beef Brisket. Packer Brisket.  Whole Brisket. 

Best cooked low and slow for 8-12 hours.  We prefer smoking the brisket, after rubbing it with a simple brisket spice rub,  for 8 hours, then letting it chill so it slices nicely and is ready to reheat on demand.  It can also be prepared in oven by wrapping in foil with liquid smoke, and baking at low heat for 8 hours.

Serve hot, with your favorite Barbecue Sauce, or use for Brisket Sandwiches.

The larger sizes are the whole, or packer brisket, containing both the point and flat ends of the brisket.  The smaller sizes may be either the point or the flat, or both.

Pictured Serving Suggestion: Smoked brisket which has been chilled and sliced.

Iowa Grown Beef.  No artificial hormones.
Miller Family Beef.  Raised by Miller Family Homestead, Riverside, IA.